Screening Programme 2023

Screening Programme 2023





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Jonas Frost

During one fatal weekend life changes forever for young Alberte. From pure happiness when she finally loses here virginity to her big crush, August – to complete horror, when she finds out that August secretly have taken pictures of her and mistakenly shared it on the all-consuming internet. MORE


Zac Norrington

In 1983, Julie Ridge became the first person to swim two consecutive laps around the Island of Manhattan (earning her a guest appearance on the David Letterman Show). Now living in Manhattan and working as a clinical social worker with over 25 years of experience, she dives into her memories of struggling with bipolar. BREATHE explores her relationship with marathon swimming and how the water has aided her along her journey. MORE

Abyssal Zone

Antonis Kitsikis

Whilst sailing with his girlfriend, Jason, a troubled young man, will face his biggest fear, diving into deep ocean waters. This will bring to the surface the issues he faces in his relationship, forcing him to come to terms with them. MORE

3 geNarrations

Paulina Ziółkowska

3 generations, 3 narrations, 3 different points of view. A dance of generations. MORE

Traje de Luces

Sergio Jaén Sánchez

The story is set during the early 1980s in a small town in rural Spain. El Chiqui is a talented young man about to debut in the local bullring, expected to continue the legacy of his family name. But that is not what he truly wants. His secret relationship with a young man from the town, Nicolás, offers an escape from the village, leaving the family pressures behind. MORE

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She Said No

Sondos Shabayek

On a street in Berlin, Sara joins her boyfriend Tarek in a line to view a flat. Sara just came from the gynecologist; she is 10 weeks pregnant. Tarek starts discussing marriage plans, after all an Egyptian couple they have no choice but to marry. But Sara who has left Cairo in search of free life struggles to accept that they should ignore all their problems as a couple and rush to marry for the baby. When she fails to stop Tarek’s excited planning, she breaks the news; that she already had an abortion. Miles away from home, Sara is still battling the demons of her patriarchal society that are mirrored in her relationship with Tarek. MORE

A Firecracker Story

Zhizi Hao

An 8-year-old boy searching for fireworks on a Chinese New Year’s Eve, after the firework ban is introduced in this southern Chinese town. MORE

Eindis Ends It All

Tamara Rosenfeld

Eindis is a woman at the end of her rope. Figuratively. Literally, she’s still working on finding one that’s long enough. Eindis Ends It All is a sci-fi comedy about a woman on a mission to get her shit together by spending time in nature. As one does. Instead, she finds herself inexplicably trapped in a post-apocalyptic world with only herself and her new best friend—a mop with buttons for eyes. With no explanation of how she got there and no clues on how to get home, Eindis is ready to give up when a man suddenly appears over a year after her arrival. His appearance raises more questions than it answers, but Eindis becomes determined to find the truth. Or at least to pass the time trying. MORE

TolisLive or (Toronto)

Alexandros Rellos

An elderly former singer decides to return to his career but he comes against his past, the choices that shaped him as a character and Toronto. MORE


Alessio Mineo

Unlucky-in-love Clayton is anxious for his first date with August, whom he met on Grindr, but his roommate Julian's prodding questions and sex-positive support are only worsening Clayton's nerves. When he meets August, Clayton is almost immediately at ease, charmed by how natural their connection feels. The date comes to a screeching halt when August casually mentions his partner, and Clayton walks out on him, aggressively judging August’s choice to be polyamorous. With his suave veneer fractured, a dejected August seeks comfort to the one person who understands how it feels to seek romance outside a relationship – his boyfriend. MORE