SFF returns for its annual date

SFF returns for its annual date

Under the theme “Dyadic All”, this year’s Festival focuses on the multifaceted nature of existence and cinema’s role in presenting the contradictions that can be found in all things in life. Everything has two sides, you just have to start observing them. 

Four programmes unravel the duality of relationships, community living, places and cultures as well as the ones witnessed in cosmic occurrences. 

SFF2024’s screenings will take place on 19&20 July in Cine Kamari boasting a rich programme of short and feature films of various genres by Greek and international filmmakers. Being the SFF’s main venue since 2018, the open-air cinema has become an integral part of the Festival’s identity. 

The Santorini Film Festival 2024 returns for its annual date in Cyclades’ beating heart from 18-20 July. With a rich programme of screenings and educational workshops, the three-day Festival aims to showcase independent cinema and become a vibrant meeting point. 

In addition, the Santorini Film Festival in co-organization with the Tomato Industrial Museum, D.Nomikos will hold a two-day educational workshop, which will take place in the old factory on the Vlychada beach. Run by the stop-motion animation and audiovisual educator Ioanna Giakoumatou, the “Optical Toys” workshop aims to introduce kids 8-10 years old to the history of cinema. By sketching and constructing their own toys, participants will discover what existed before the cinema and experiment with the stop-motion technique to learn the story of moving images.

Expanding in days and activities, this year’s Santorini Film Festival puts the cinema in the foreground as a medium for education and entertainment while also highlighting the power of independent films.